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Albany Park Real Estate
Albany Park

As one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Chicago, Albany Park is located eight miles north of the Loop and offers a wide assortment of ethnic eateries and local boutiques. The residential streets are surrounded by pockets of greenery and parks for public recreation such as cultural arts, sports, and playgrounds.

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Albany Park Statistics

  • Available Sales

    • 73
    • Avg Listing Price
    • $327,131
    • Sales Price Range
    • $95,000 to $874,900
  • Available Rentals

    • 45
    • Avg Rental Price
    • $1,529
    • Rental Price Range
    • $1,095 to $2,250
  • Sales History

    • 628
    • Avg Sold Price
    • $294,146
    • Sold Price Range
    • $50,500 to $1,430,000

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