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Welcome to Gold Coast

The name says it all: the Gold Coast remains one of Chicago’s premier, historic, and most opulent Near North Side communities. Bordered by North Avenue and Division Street to the north, Chicago Avenue to the south, Lake Michigan on the east, and Clark and Franklin Streets on the West, the Gold Coast offers a high end living experience when it comes to Chicago sights and culture. From shopping along the Magnificent Mile to the stunning mansions along Astor Street, this district also includes beaches, parks, museums, fine dining, accessible public transit, family friendly options, and more. There’s no reason not to make the Gold Coast part of your Chicago housing search!

Gold Coast History
The Gold Coast’s rise to prominence began in the late 1800s in the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire. Due in large part to the efforts of millionaire Potter Palmer, the neighborhood’s swampy beachfront was filled in to make way for the Lake Shore Drive we know and love today. Chicagoans loved it back then, too, taking to leisurely drives along this new coast. This influx of traffic popularized the neighborhood, leading a number of other millionaires and investors to also begin development. Adding to its reputation as a prstigious community, the neighborhood named its new mansion-filled Astor District after the wealthy John Jacob Astor, who, while he didn’t even live in Chicago, offered gravitas to the area by name alone. In line with these origins, the Gold Coast’s exclusive reputation persists today.

Popular Landmarks
The Gold Coast is full of significant landmarks, like the Astor Street District’s historic mansions, of which the James Charnley House now operates as a museum. The International Museum of Surgical Sciences is another stand-out Gold Coast museum, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art (which the Gold Coast shares with Streeterville). Still, many of the Gold Coast’s landmarks pale in comparison to its iconic Magnificent Mile. Shopping at the upscale boutiques along Michigan Avenue always proves a truly unique Gold Coast experience. Likewise, so does a visit to Navy Pier (also a shared landmark with Streeterville) and the Oak Street Beach.

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Gold Coast Statistics

  • Available Sales

    • 430
    • Avg Listing Price
    • $1,337,670
    • Sales Price Range
    • $150,000 to $21,900,000
  • Available Rentals

    • 199
    • Avg Rental Price
    • $3,530
    • Rental Price Range
    • $1,250 to $37,500
  • Sales History

    • 1,678
    • Avg Sold Price
    • $746,194
    • Sold Price Range
    • $112,000 to $12,500,000

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