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Irving Park

Irving Park, located on Chicago’s Northwest Side, is the neighborhood almost 54,000 residents call home. Encompassing the well-known Old Irving Park neighborhood, it’s also the home of Independence Park, Merchant Park, The Villa and Little Cassubia. Irving Park prides itself on its heritage and history, which can be observed in its architecture and at the Irving Park Historical Society. A family-friendly environment, the neighborhood boasts many parks where festivals and activities are held year-round, and there’s easy access to the city and suburbs via the Union Pacific/Northwest rail line and the CTA Blue Line.


The development of Irving Park began in 1843 with a 160-acre farm. Originally named Irvington after the author Washington Irving, the neighborhood was renamed Irving Park when developers discovered there was already an Irvington in Illinois. A train station was added, putting the town on the map, and Victorian, Italianate and Queen Anne mansions were built along Irving Park Road between 1870 and 1874. In the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, an influx of people moved into the neighborhood, building homes that were less pretentious. In recent times, many Serbian immigrants have moved into Irving Park, adding popular restaurants and cafes to the area.


A variety of middle- and upper class homes can be found in Irving Park, ranging from historical bungalows and Victorians, to simpler single family homes. The neighborhood is dotted with family-owned business, and the sense of community is prevalent. With easy access to the city center, many professionals live in the area, while younger residents attend one of several public schools, as well as a charter and magnet school

Popular Landmarks

Many homes have been recognized as historical landmarks by the Chicago Landmark Commission. If you’re looking for a progressive community that’s rooted in history and offers a family-friendly environment, contact us today.

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Irving Park Statistics

  • Available Sales

    • 182
    • Avg Listing Price
    • $485,413
    • Sales Price Range
    • $95,000 to $2,250,000
  • Available Rentals

    • 66
    • Avg Rental Price
    • $1,683
    • Rental Price Range
    • $750 to $2,750
  • Sales History

    • 1,112
    • Avg Sold Price
    • $390,455
    • Sold Price Range
    • $68,000 to $1,900,000

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