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Lakeview houses a number of smaller neighborhoods within its boundaries, including Lakeview East, West Lakeview, and Wrigleyville, meaning a Cubs game is never out of the question in this North Side community. Lakeview’s Boystown is also a historic neighborhood in its own right. Boystown, the nation’s first officially recognized gay village, offers a lively nightlife as well as some of the city’s best off-Loop theatre. But there’s still even more to Lakeview, including stretches of Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan, as well as every dining option imaginable and shopping at independently-owned boutiques and chain stores. Easily accessible CTA lines round out Lakeview’s many appealing qualities for prospective buyers.

Lakeview History
Prior to its first Western settler—a Swiss immigrant in 1837—Lakeview was used by Native American tribes as a camp and trail path. Throughout the 1800s, however, European families, especially German and Swedish, flocked to the area. Homes sprung up, as did civil and commercial infrastructure, and, as a unique historical note, during the Civil War the modern intersection of North Broadway, North Clark Street, and West Diversey Parkway was used as a Union training facility and Confederate prison. Lakeview was incorporated into Chicago in 1889, continuing to modernize into the neighborhood Chicago knows and loves today.

Popular Landmarks
Wrigley Field: need we say more? From catching a game at the famed stadium to heading for after-game drinks and dancing in Boystown (which also hosts an annual Pride Parade), Lakeview’s landmarks are as diverse as the populations that call it home. Lakeview is also a revolving door of annual festivals and events, so prospective residents should make sure to keep their calendars clear for each new season!

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Lakeview Statistics

  • Available Sales

    • 602
    • Avg Listing Price
    • $575,157
    • Sales Price Range
    • $33,000 to $3,999,000
  • Available Rentals

    • 462
    • Avg Rental Price
    • $2,289
    • Rental Price Range
    • $150 to $10,999
  • Sales History

    • 4,125
    • Avg Sold Price
    • $473,747
    • Sold Price Range
    • $30,000 to $3,600,000

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