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Noble Square

Welcome to Noble Square

Surrounded by Wicker Park and Ukranian Village, Noble Square is a small pocket community where artists, musicians, young working adults, and young families thrive. As a walkable neighborhood, Noble Square offers easy access to the Loop, as well as an eclectic array of dining options, lively shopping, and energetic nightlife on the surrounding streets.

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Noble Square Properties

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Noble Square Statistics

  • Available Sales

    • 64
    • Avg Listing Price
    • $627,217
    • Sales Price Range
    • $199,000 to $5,900,000
  • Available Rentals

    • 45
    • Avg Rental Price
    • $2,563
    • Rental Price Range
    • $1,300 to $3,800
  • Sales History

    • 357
    • Avg Sold Price
    • $521,740
    • Sold Price Range
    • $155,000 to $1,700,000

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