What Are the Qualities of Great Real Estate Agents? Jeanine McShea Explains

The key to ensuring the best experience for home buyers and sellers, is by working with the best real estate agents. All good agents are knowledgeable, honest and personable, but must also have the support of a firm with the right resources and experience.

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Related Realty’s vice president and managing broker, Jeanine McShea, recently sat down with Chicago Agent magazine for a cover story on the importance of recruiting – and retaining – great agents. As McShea explains, Related Realty offers a boutique experience, which allows each agent to individually elevate the real estate experience for each client.

So, what are the qualities that Related Realty agents bring to clients?

Being a knowledge-seeker: Agents who stay ahead of trends, know what the market is doing and are on top of new technology, can deliver the most seamless experience for home buyers and sellers. • The service trifecta: Professionalism, work ethic and drive. These are the qualities good agents exhibit in every personal and professional endeavor. • A CEO mentality: Agents who are goal-oriented and want to be held accountable are more likely to conduct themselves like a business. • Constant Collaboration: Related Realty agents are successful and want to share that success.

Read more in Chicago Agent about the qualities of Related Realty’s agents. To learn more about finding the right agent, and buying a condo or single-family home in Chicago, please contact 312.832.2300

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