Advice to Making Your 2014 Homebuying Resolution Become Reality

If youre not a home owner, but youd like to be, then youve probably already had this experience at one point or another: you decide on January 1st that this is definitely the year. Youre not going to see another Christmas in an apartment, youre going to buy your house this year. And then you end the year in an apartment, again.

The first step to fulfilling that resolution isnt simply to make the resolution, it is to make the decision to take the resolution seriously. Simply deciding to buy a home isnt enough, you need to take it seriously as a major step in life.

Start by looking at your resources and your credit and asking yourself whats holding you back. If you have a roadblock in your way, then set that as your goal for the year, and then focus on homes for sale in Lincoln Park Chicago.

From there, you can set realistic goals. Talk to a Lincoln Park Chicago realtor and see what they have to offer. You may be surprised at just how accessible Lincoln Park Chicago real estate can be when your finances are in order. Contact us today!

Dos and Donts of Choosing the Right Real Estate

Whether youre looking for homes for sale in the Gold Coast or any area of Chicago, there are dos and donts to consider for connecting with the best properties. A Gold Coast Chicago realtor can help you find premium Gold Coast Chicago real estate with all the amenities youre looking for. Here are some real estate dos and donts to keep in mind:

1. Dont: Let emotions rule. Do: Be selective and specific.

When looking for Gold Coast Chicago real estate, it can be easy to get swept away and ignore practicalities. Start by making a list of your must-haves to help narrow down your search and anchor you to what you truly want in a home.

2. Dont: Leave things to chance. Do: Your homework.

The exact location of homes for sale in Gold Coast is a key consideration. Use the internet and mapping features to investigate different potential areas. Double-check for convenience, commute times, nearby stores, parks and accessibility.

3. Dont: Settle for small. Do: Buy enough space. You and your Gold Coast Chicago realtor should make sure your new home will have sufficient space for your family, belongings and items that need to be stored. If you have small children, will there be enough room to grow into? Can you see yourself in the house in three years? Five? Ten?

Gold Coast Chicago real estate is hot right now, with excellent deals to be had. If youre looking for homes for sale in Gold Coast, contact us to connect with an expert Gold Coast Chicago realtor.

Tips for buying a home in the Winter

Many people wait for the flowers of spring to bloom before beginning their house hunting, but this isn’t always the best route to take. While there may be fewer homes listed during the winter than there are in the spring, there’s also less competition in terms of other buyers, which is advantageous in getting your offer accepted faster and also getting financial applications approved more quickly.

But whether you’re buying a home in Bucktown Chicago real estate or elsewhere in the city, there are still tips to keep in mind when buying during the winter:

  • Get an extended warranty: Make sure that an extended warranty is part of the agreement. That’s because you can’t tell if some appliances (i.e., air conditioner) are in good working order during the winter months.
  • Make sure the home is well insulated: Check the utility bills and also look to see where the snow is evaporating faster – on the roof or on the sides of the house. If it’s melting faster on the roof, the home likely isn’t well insulated.
  • Know the area: People aren’t usually outside in the winter months, but you can still get a good feel for the neighborhood just from doing some simple observation. For instance, if you’re buying around the holidays, look to see if decorations are up throughout the neighborhood. This will give you a feel for who is serious about keeping their homes up. Also pay attention to leaves on lawns, landscaping, etc. You may even want to introduce yourself to your potential neighbors.

For more information on homes for sale in Bucktown Chicago, contact your Bucktown realtor today.

Why Working With a South Loop Realtor is Easier Than Shopping Alone

If you are looking for one of the most energetic, dynamic neighborhoods in the Chicago area, start looking at the homes for sale in the South Loop district.

Buyers find high-rise condos with spectacular views of the city and enjoy on-site concierge services from pick-up-and-delivery dry cleaning to grocery delivery from the main floor market. Other homes for sale in the South Loop are seeing major rehabilitation to upgrade duplex and apartment homes with modern appliances and granite counter tops.

The neighborhood offers plenty of entertainment venues. Enjoy a visit to the stadium for a Bears home game, visit one of the many museums or Adler Aquarium, or take in a summer concert at the Charter One Pavilion an open air amphitheater on Northerly Island.

Working with your South Loop realtor is easier than trying to find properties on your own with everything you need that fits your budget and financial goals. Why? The neighborhood is going through an expansion period you need a friend that gets listing news early so you wont miss any new listings.

Another reason that working with a realtor is easier, is that your realtor can preview listings and weed out any that dont check all the boxes on your wish list.

South Loop Chicago real estate is popular with people who want to live, work and play in a neighborhood that has it all and then some. Call today to get started on your new home search.

David Wolf Featured in RE Developers Optimistic About 2014 Article ran an article Thursday, Dec. 5, based on Related Realtys 2014 Residential Real Estate Trends press release. The article quoted David Wolf, president of Related Midwest Sales and president and managing broker of Related Realty, saying, Listings under contract will increase and market time will be down. And that’s good news for the market rebound. With more inventory available for buyers to choose from, we will continue to see restored confidence in residential real estate.

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David Wolf Gives Agent Recruitment Advice

David Wolf, president of Related Midwest Sales and president and managing broker of Related Realty, recently posted an advice column on the Chicago Agent Magazines online publication on recruitment strategy for growing brokerages, titled, Be an In-Demand Agent.

David touches on such topics as resumé requirements, intangible qualities and versatility in the ever-changing marketplace.

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