Guide to Chicago’s Must-see Architecture

chicago-architecture-real-estateChicago is home to prominent buildings with unique architecture, among many other attractions. “Chicago School” architecture, also known as the Commercial Style, was used in tall, steel-frame buildings at the beginning of the 20th century. The 1940s saw the evolution of a Second Chicago School that brought new systems and technologies like the “tube-frame structure” to the city’s skyscrapers.

Despite the famous style names, Chicago’s buildings display a wide range of techniques and styles. When you’re shopping for condos for sale in Chicago, be sure to check out these must-see architectural attractions.

Willis Tower

Formerly known as the Sears Tower, the iconic building was the world’s tallest at construction in 1973 and remains the tallest in North America.

Marquette Building

Built in 1895, the Marquette Building features signature “Chicago windows” consisting of large glass panes with narrow sashes to each side.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Home to the acclaimed architect for 20 years, the Frank Lloyd Wright house was built in 1889 for $5,000 and launched Wright’s career.

Old Colony Building

The distinctive Old Colony Building was considered a forebear of modern skyscraper design and used glass extensively.

How to learn more

The Chicago Architecture Foundation provides educational programs, including the current online exhibition “Skyline Stories.” Your Chicago Realtor also can point you to additional must-see architecture in the city.

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