Quick DIY Ideas to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Looking for Chicago real estate, but not sure you’ll find a home that’s green enough for you? Well, good news: With just a few easy DIY steps, you can make your Chicago condo or house much eco-friendlier. Still looking for the perfect place? Contact a Chicago realtor for help finding a space to green up.

Clean Green

Make your own cleaning products from vinegar, water and lemon juice. Use old newspapers to scrub and mop rather than throwing away paper towels or mop liners.

Paint Green

Every new home benefits from a paint update, but to keep things green, be sure to opt for an eco-friendly option. Many environmentally oriented paint lines exist these days, exterior as well as interior, so do your research before slapping on that fresh coat.

Light Green

It doesn’t get much easier than switching out bulbs. Opt for compact fluorescent lamps (commonly called CFLs), which cost more but save you (and the Earth) electricity, making them a great deal over the long run.

Garbage Green

Okay, so that’s a misleading title. The point is, even in areas like Chicago where recycling can be difficult, you can make a green difference by setting up a waste station, where you separate garbage, recyclables, yard debris for later disposal. Choose a home with an out-of-the-way nook or space to further this end.

See? You can green your home up quick with these simple ideas. To find out more, contact us today. We’re happy to help, and want to get you into that perfect home as quickly as possible, so you can start greening it up.

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