The Pros and Cons of an Open Floor Plan

Open layouts seem to be trending in real estate right now. Generally on the top of buyers’ lists, an open floor plan takes the kitchen, living room and the dining room, removes the dividing walls, and creates one large airy space. To help you decide if this floor plan fits your lifestyle, below is the breakdown of the pros and cons.


Easy Entertaining 

The kitchen, living room, and the dining room are the focal points for entertaining guests. While you are putting the finishing touches on the meal, you may need to excuse yourself while your guests are enjoying themselves in the living room. An open layout allows everyone to be in a large, single room making sure you are still part of the party.

Creates a More Airy Space

600-900 square feet homes in the city are relatively common. Smaller residences can feel even smaller when they are separated into several rooms. Omitting separate rooms for a large, open space can help create a brighter and more airy feel.


Lack of Privacy

Fewer walls mean less privacy. You may enjoy escaping into the kitchen while guests relax in the living for some brief moments of peace. Privacy is something to consider when deciding whether an open floor plan is right for you.

Less Storage Space

Sometimes, additional rooms and walls in a home allow for closet space and cabinets. An open floor plan may eliminate opportunity to build out additional storage solutions in some cases so if ample storage is important to you make sure the open layout you’re considering can accommodate your needs.

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The Understated Master Bathroom

Forget the extravagant bling of the 1980s and monochromatic spa look of more recent years. Home owners desire a more affordable, personal style, along with water and energy conservation.

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5 Ways to Add Luxury to your Home

If you live in Chicago and are looking for Chicago real estate including Chicago condos, youll likely want to implement a few solutions to make your new home as attractive and comfortable as possible. You can add luxury to your home without spending thousands of dollars or hiring outside help.

If youd like to replicate the feel of a luxury hotel in your home, youll need a stylish bedroom. Your bed should be the rooms centerpiece. Implement matching sheets, pillows and curtains to create a unified theme. Be sure to include a number of plump down style pillows to create a luxurious feel. Opt for Egyptian cotton sheets along with a down comforter. Beyond the bed, consider adding an armoire for your clothes and possibly even an inside cabinet to hold a TV.

Your bathroom will be easy to spruce up for a luxurious feel. A small adjustment that you can make to a simple bathroom is the implementation of a new, more powerful shower head. Itll improver your showering experience more than you might imagine. Fill your shower with lavish soaps and scents. Add a new shower curtain, scented candles and some extra soft towels. If you can afford it, consider installing large mirrors and deep sinks.

Modify your homes entryway with a simple table. Choose a nice wood, marble or lacquer table that will function as your entryways starting point. If you have a rather small entryway, consider putting a large circular table in the center of the room that it leads into. Place a nice lamp on the table along with a flower arrangement, a few books and a possibly a bowl for odds and ends. If you decide to put your table near one of the  rooms walls, put a piece of art or a mirror above it for an extra bit of flare. Itll create the lavish aesthetic that you and your guests can enjoy.

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Home Improvements and ROI

When it comes to buying or selling Lincoln Park Chicago real estate, a variety of factors matter. While pricing it right is important, so is maximizing what the home is worth. To do this, home sellers can consider home improvements. Yet, not all home improvements offer the same return on investment. If you plan to sell, where should you put your money?

A Close Look at Homes for Sale in Lincoln Park Chicago

Before you list your home, take a look at a few home improvement projects that tend to offer the biggest bang for your buck in ROI. The following are some of the most sought after:

  • Updated bathrooms: Clean, new bathrooms really do get the attention of home buyers. They love the fresh start.
  • Modern kitchens: A whole kitchen makeover isnt going to get you dollar for dollar increases, but it will attract buyers. Simple makeovers of cabinets and countertops make an impression.
  • Painting: Get rid of dirty walls with a fresh coat of paint for a complete return on investment.

Other areas to consider making changes to in order to boost your Lincoln Park Chicago real estate value include the landscaping and flooring. Even inexpensive updates can make a big difference. Talk to your local, expert real estate agent today about all of the options available to you. Let us help you to list your home for what its really worth with home improvements.

10 Bold Colors for Your Front Door

If youre currently shopping around for homes in Lincoln Park, then youre certainly not alone. After all, this is a high-demand area to live, with its rich history, scenic views, boutiques, and cafes. However, if you want the best chances of being able to find the home that suits your needs and budget, then youll want to have assistance from an experienced Lincoln Park real estate agent. This way, you can save time when it comes to hunting for Lincoln Park property.

Once you do find your dream home, however, youll want to do everything you can to truly make it your own. For starters, why not boost curb appeal by painting your front door a fresh, inviting color? Some of the more popular and bold colors for front doors these days include:

  • turquoise
  • crimson
  • yellow
  • orange
  • olive green
  • purple
  • black
  • radiant blue
  • coral pink
  • bright red

When it comes to picking a color for your front door, be sure that it will complement your homes exterior well. Dont worry too much about whether or not the color will match your homes interior, as youre under no obligation to paint both sides of your door the same color. Feel free to mix and match as needed. You might be surprised at just what a difference a fresh coat of paint on your front door can make in your new home!

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Small Space Solutions for Chicago Homeowners

If youre looking to buy real estate in Chicago, be advised that its a competitive market. With the citys huge population of nearly 3 million people (CityFacts), Chicago real estate tends to fly off the market quickly. Fortunately, having an experienced Chicago realtor on your side can help you find and secure your ideal real estate property quickly. Whether youre looking for a Chicago condo, home, or townhouse, youll probably want to make yourself aware of some tips for furnishing and decorating small spaces.

Opt for Multipurpose Furniture

To maximize space in your Chicago condo or home, consider investing in furniture that serves more than one purpose. For example, rather than purchasing a separate bookshelf that will take up additional floor space, get a bed headboard with built-in shelving. Also, consider placing beds on risers so that you can utilize the space underneath for additional storage.

Be Mindful of Furniture Setup

When it comes to furniture in a small space, less is more. Consider the purpose of the room, take careful measurements, and furnish appropriately. While a large sectional sofa with reclining seats may seem appealing, a small living room may be better suited for a simple loveseat and a couple of comfortable chairs. In the event that you need more seating for a get-together at your place, keep some stylish folding chairs in a storage closet; you can break them out when you need them and save space when you dont.

There are plenty of ways to go about maximizing space, even in the smallest of homes. To find out more about Chicago real estate contact us today and wed be happy to assist you.