Amenities That Todays Chicago Condos Cant Go Without

fitness-centerToday’s condo dwellers recognize the many advantages of living in less space. Condos often are in great locations, offer multiple amenities and relieve residents of the worries normally associated with home ownership.

In Gold Coast Chicago real estate, expectations are high among condo buyers that they’ll find outstanding amenities. Here are some of the must-haves in today’s Chicago condos.

Access to natural areas

Whether part of the condo property or in nearby parks, green spaces are on the radar of condo buyers. Well-maintained natural areas allow a taste of the outdoors for fitness activities, picnics, socializing and more while maintaining an urban lifestyle.

Top-notch maintenance

A primary reason people choose condos is relief from the worries of maintenance. Any Gold Coast Chicago Realtor will tell you that in a Chicago condo, you should expect a full-time maintenance staff or a contracted company providing regular pest control along with both preventive and emergency maintenance services.

Fitness and social spaces

Although space within condos may be at a premium, there’s an expectation that communal spaces will provide for a variety of needs. Upscale fitness facilities including pools, spas, steam rooms, weight rooms, yoga studios and more are de rigueur. Social spaces like meeting rooms, picnic areas, coffee bars and lounges also are popular.


Another major selling point of condos is security, including conveniently located and safe parking. Alarm systems, security lighting and security staff also are expected as par for the course in many Chicago condos.

Today’s Chicago condo buyer expects amenities that were considered luxuries just a few years ago: around-the-clock security and maintenance, access to natural areas, fitness and social spaces, and more. To find out more about homes for sale in Gold Coast Chicago, contact us today.

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