Moving to a New Neighborhood? Tips to Get Familiarized with the Area

chicago-mapMoving to a new neighborhood can be tough when you don’t know anyone and you’re not familiar with the area. Once you’ve settled into your new home, getting to know your community should be next on your agenda. With these tips, you can meet your neighbors and learn the lay of the land.

Host a party

Hosting a little get-together is a great way to meet the people around you and, in the process, learn more about Lincoln Park Chicago real estate and the surrounding area. If you’re in a condo, it’s easy to post a notice of the place and time. In a traditional neighborhood, you may want to knock on a few nearby doors or leave a flier letting people know the details. Don’t forget to include your email address or phone number for contacting you.

Take a walk

Grab a friend or the dog, or head out on your own. Walking around the area can quickly familiarize you with the hottest shopping spots, best dining venues and most popular coffee shops. You’ll also learn where to find essentials like the library and post office, and you might even meet a neighbor.

Get involved

Jumping into some community activities is a great way to learn your way around and meet people. Join a book club, volunteer or turn out for a community yard sale or bake sale; your Lincoln Park Chicago Realtor can provide suggestions.

With these simple tips, you can quickly get acquainted with your new neighborhood and start feeling at home in no time. For more information about homes for sale in Lincoln Park Chicago, contact us today.

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